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Chinese Caterpillar Mushroom Powder

By using the wheat, Chinese caterpillar mushroom (Cordeceps sinensis) as the major raw material and the Cordeceps fungus from Naqu of Tibet as the mushroom culture, a sold fermentation culture method was applied. According to the analysis of Chinese caterpillar mushroom powder conducted by the Edible Mushroom Research Institute of Zhejiang University and the Zhejiang Medicinal Analysis Research Institute, every 100 grams of dried mushroom powder contain crude protein 16.61 g, crude fat 4.71 g, carbohydrates 39.32 g, crude fiber 16.5 g, Vitamin B12 0.11 ¦Ìg /100 g, mannitol 9.56%, adenosine 0.03%, ergosterol 0.52 mg / g, total N 4.1%, cordycepin 5.18 ¦Ìg /mg, total amino acid 2.461 g / 100 g. The mushroom powder has a slight sweet taste and fragrance aroma, it possesses the effect of improving the sleeping, anti-anoxia, anti-fatigue, increasing the tolerance and resistance of organism and stimulating the male-hormone as well as nourishing the kidney.
It mainly used in the feed of pets, racing horse, camel, pig and animals in zoo. The contents of heavy metals are lower than those in the fermented Chinese caterpillar mushroom powder, and no pesticide residue problem. It is a kind of safe green healthy food and sold to UK, Middle East countries up to now and showed a good selling prospect. For the purpose of widening the selling market, Jingyuan Company are glad to cooperate with the customers in China and abroad who glad to try out the Chinese caterpillar mushroom powder and promise to provide the most favorable price as well as the good service to satisfy the requirement of consumers.

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