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Edible Mushroom and Immune therapy of Cancer

Edible Mushroom and Immune therapy of Cancer

Malignant tumor, or cancer, is the popular and frequently-occurring disease that influencing seriously the human health. The terror of cancer is originated from the following biological characteristics, such as independence, transference, infectivity, abnormal differentiation, and loss of contact inhibition. However, the most dangerous characteristics are the infectivity and transference, that is the cancer cell could be transferred to other distant part or organ by lymph or blood stream, and continue to survive, propagate, grow as well as to form the whole process of secondary tumor, whose form is similar to that of primary tumor. Thus, when the tumor in patient appears the transferring and infectious phenomenon, the curative effect is always difficult to obtain by using the radioactive - or chemo-therapy. Moreover, no specific curative method on cancer has been developed yet. How to control the infectivity and transference of cancer is still situated in the initial stage of investigation. Hence, when the cancer is diagnosed, the patients are often situated under the atmosphere of fear and pessimism. Around one billion US dollars was used in the investigation of cancer in the world every year, however, the efficacy was still insufficient and caused the people fear when talking about the cancer.
Based on these, many experts paid more attention on the improvement of resistance of organism by stimulating and activating the immune system in living organism. Investigation indicated that the cancer is occurred only after the immunity function of organism to cancer is decreased significantly or lost completely. If the prevention of cancer is initiated at the moment of the occurrence of the first cancel cell, then 100% efficacy could be obtained. Based on these, the objective is focused on the increase of immunity function of organism, so to inhibit the growth of cancer cell and curing the cancer on the one hand, and no side-effects appeared on the other hand. According to this prerequisite, the scientists put two research trends forward, one is the antibody missile, and the other one is edible mushroom. The medical researchers in China and abroad conducted the investigation on the edible mushroom by using the modern science and technology in recent tens years and discovered that it possessed the anticarcinogenic activity and blood-pressure depressing effect. Up to now, it was demonstrated that those edible mushrooms including the Shiitake mushroom( Lentinus edodes), glossy ganoderma mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), small pine mushroom, Monkeyhead mushroom (Hericium erinaceus), Chinese caterpillar mushroom (Cordyceps sinensis), Tuckahoe mushroom (Poria cocos), Polystictus mushroom, Oyster cap mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) etc, showed the anticarcinogenic activity. By using the modern biotechnology, after ten years' productive experience, the Company extracted the active components from the edible mushroom and maintained the original nutritional components of edible mushroom in maximum degree. The products are paid attention by the foreign experts increasingly. Now, the Company cooperated with the foreign consumers and a part of the products passed the FDA inspection from USA. The Company believes that the edible mushroom will show more contribution to human health in the world and improving the life quality of human in the near future.

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