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Description of Company

Qingyuan Jingyuan Mushroom Polysaccharide Product Company.,Ltd is a joint-stock enterprise, established with the technical and selling key members of Qingyuan Fangge Medicinial Health-Protecting Product Company. It possesses a whole set of stainless steel extracting equipment which conforms to the requirement for medicine production and the 100,000 grade of clean production area, the <Quarantine and hygiene registration certificate> issued by the State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, and the Quality Inspection Section is constituted by the biochemical analysis professional technicians and the middle-high grade technicians who conducted the extraction practice of edible mushroom for more than 10 years.
The Company situated at the Qingyuan County of Zhejiang province, which is the original place of artificial cultivating of mushroom. The company utilizes the edible mushroom that cultivated in the natural virgin ecological environment with high quality of soil, water and air as the raw material, and produces the medicinal and edible mushroom extracts. It includes the Polyporus frondosus mushroom extracts, Shiitake mushroom extracts, glossy ganoderma mushroom extracts, small pine mushroom extracts, Polystictus mushroom extracts, Chinese caterpillar mushroom extracts, monkeyhead mushroom extracts, Oyster cap mushroom extracts, carboxymethyl-tuckahoe mushroom polysaccharide, elm mushroom extracts and ultra-fine powder of various medicinal and edible mushroom fruit bodies as well as the glossy ganoderma mushroom wall-broken spore powder and various products. The Company is cooperated with the foreign customer and developed successfully the high-contents glossy ganoderma triterpenoid extracts, small pine mushroom and Polyporus frondosus mushroom extracts with high contents of β-glucan in 2002. Recently, the feed of pets, racing horse and camel---- Chinese caterpillar mushroom powder was developed. It possesses a good taste, the nutritional components was similar to those in the fruit bodies of pure natural Chinese caterpillar mushroom, and some active ingredients are even higher than those in the wild Chinese caterpillar mushroom.
The Company takes the "extracts the essence in the mushroom and pursues the quality of life" as the objective, and takes the market requirement as the directive, developed the natural, safe healthy food with high quality and low price, so to benefit the mankind.
Quality-guarantee system: it is consisted by the Quality-Guarantee Department and its attached Quality Inspection section, and adopted the responsible system. It mainly includes: 1. Control of the character, active components, water content, heavy and pesticide residue and the impurity situation of raw material; 2. The "three inspection" system is adopted in the management of productive location; 3. Strictly conduct the inspection of productive inspection, put an end to unqualified product; 4. Continue to improve etc.
Productive base of raw material: The cooperative form of "Company + Tea farmer" guarantees the sufficient supply of raw material. The productive base is composed of the edible mushroom cultivating farmer with practical experience for many years. The Mushroom Culture Station of County Edible Research Center conducts the screening of mushroom culture every year. The station is cooperated to breed directive on the active components of mushroom strain on the basis of gene with the Yuanzhou Edible Research Institute and the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences. With regarding the planting location, the Company strictly control the pollution, pests and diseases, microbial contamination, pesticide and heavy metal residue according to the requirement on the organic food plantation, so to guarantee the stability of various indexes in the raw material that used in the production and manufacture.

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