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Oyster Mushroom polysaccharide

Oyster Mushroom polysaccharide


1. Oyster mushroom (Pleyrotus ostreatus):

Oyster mushroom has a delicious taste with soft texture and rich nutrients. It is a nutritional food with high protein and low fat. Every 100 grams of dried mushroom contains 7.8-17.72 g protein, 1-2.3 g fat, 5.6-8.7 g crude fibre, Ca 21 mg, Fe 32 mg, thiamin 0.21 mg, riboflavin 7.09 mg and 57.6-81.8 g carbohydrates, with 328-367 kcal energy. It possesses the activity of promoting the metabolism and regulating the function of autonomic nerve.

2. Effects of polysaccharide:

The oyster mushroom proteoglycan is the conjugate of protein and polysaccharide and showed the inhibitory activity to tumor. It contains a small amounts of taurine, which is the component of bile acid and possesses the absorptive activity to lipid and dissolving the cholesterol. Hence, it showed the activity to stimulate the circulation of the blood and caused the muscles and joints to relax and widely used in the curing of lumbago, numb of arms and legs, ache of muscles and joints. It also showed a certain degree of effectiveness in curing the heptatitis ,gastric and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis and cholelith. It is a good health-protecing food for old people and the patients of cardiovascular disease and obesity.

3.Quality parameter:


 Pale yellow colored powder, hygroscopic

Contents of polysaccharide

            >=30%            >=40%

Water solubility

 Water soluble

Heavy metal index

Sb<1ppm      As<1.4ppm    Cd<2ppm

Cr<1ppm       Pb<10ppm

Hygiene index

Bacteria counts<1000 /g

Escherichia coli and alive mites not detected

Mould counts<100 /g

Weight loss after drying


4.  Application and dosage: 1-2 g per time, 3 times daily. Dissolve in 50-100 ml boiling water, mix well and intake.


1 kg/bag, 5 kg/bag, 10 kg/bag (or produced in capsule, granule, tablet etc)

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