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Chinese caterpillar fungus polysaccharide

Chinese caterpillar fungus polysaccharide


1.       Chinese caterpillar fungus (Cordyceps sinensis):

Chinese caterpillar fungus is a rare medicinal herb with a sweet taste and mild pharmacological property. It possesses the special effectiveness of nourishing both to yin (feminine and negative) and yang (masculine and positive), it showed a significant immunity-regulating role to the imbalance of immune function induced by the weak in lung and kidney.

2.       Effects of polysaccharide:

The chinese caterpillar fungus polysaccharide produced from Company is extracted meticulously from the mycelium of Cordyceps sinensis fungus which is the raw material of BAILING capsule ---the I grade National New Chinese Medicine. It contains 18 amino acids, mannitol, various vitamins and other nutrients that necessary for human. This polysaccharide is consisted of mannose, cordycepin, adenosine, galactose, arabinose, xylose, glucose, fucose. Pharmacological experiment showed that chinese caterpillar polysaccharide is the active ingredient of nourishing and yin deficiency treating activity produced by rare chinese medicine---chinese caterpillar fungus. It possesses the effect of regulating the immune function of human, increasing the resistance to disease, with anticarcinogenic activity. Besides, it showed good supplementary curing effect on the leucopenis induced by various diseases and the blood glucose-depressing activity It was widely used in the health-protecting food.

3.Quality parameter:


 Brown yellowish or grey brownish powder, hygroscopic

Contents of polysaccharide

            >=30%            >=40%

Water solubility

 Water soluble

Heavy metal index

Sb<1ppm       As<1.4ppm    Cd<2ppm

Cr<1ppm       Pb<10ppm

Hygiene index

Bacteria  counts<3000 /g

Escherichia coli and alive mites not detected

Mould counts<100 /g

Weight loss after drying


4.  Application and dosage: 1-2 g per time, 3 times daily. Dissolve in 50-100 ml boiling water, mix well and intake.


1 kg/bag, 5 kg/bag, 10 kg/bag (or produced in capsule, granule, tablet etc)

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